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15/11/2010 / jerometanuk

Interactive Holographic Corkboard (Bluesky)

This isn’t entirely new but is a collaboration of several technologies and can be implemented for several ideas.

I came up with this idea when looking round the room trying to invent something practical while being impressive enough that people would actually buy it.
The Interactive Holographic Corkboard is like a normal corkboard used to put notes, pics etc but it is a virtual board show through a holographic display.
There are three features to this:
1. It uses a technology similar to Microsoft’s Kinect that can read certain objects and transfer them electronically. It also allows you to interact with the board yourself by moving things around all turning the board portrait or landscape. You can also write notes on it using your finger or a digital pen.
2. It has many boards you can display by using a hand movement to slide one board and replace it with another. This means you can one board to display notes, another for specific interest and another for posters like any teenager in their room would have. You can also view pics on a slideshow like a digital picture frame could.
3. It’s virtual so you can download widgets and posters online wirelessly and put them on your board like a virtual dashboard.

The product will have to be plugged into the wall but can be put on sleep.
Its practical use is to save wall space and not to spoil the wall itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Heres some info about a phone with a projector on it:


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