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13/11/2010 / antonyjwhite

Augmented Hyper Reality

Here I stumbled upon a video of hoe augmented reality hypothetically could be applied to our every day life.

A really interesting look at a possible emersion of Augmented Reality, in which it appears to practically take over the users life.

Here it demonstrates an over saturated example of using AR and how it can completely work into almost every aspect of our lives, bring the commercial world into the consumers home.

I know people who only buy apps for their mobile phones instead of downloading the free apps so that they don’t have “a pocket full of advertisements,” and here I can see the opposite. If this video became a reality the whole consumer experience would be changed over night. It does appear to be making life easier, but at what cost?

Being always plugged into the digital world can mean that a person has no need to leave their home to get food or see people for instance, they can order their food online and have it delivered, and chat with their friends online. The digital ear is bringing big changes, most of them available right now, but not as seamlessly as this video depicts.

I find the undertone to this video quite unsettling, however this is only a hypothetically look at the future.

Click to view the video>>>


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