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12/11/2010 / craigmartinallen

ATM Timeline

ATM’s history

This timeline is a simplified overview, from research that I have made into the history of the ATM. It outline some of the most poignant and influential moments in the bank ATM’s history and points out that only small amounts of change, have taken place in the past 40 or so years.

1960 – ATM predecessor installed
New York’s First National City Bank installed a Bankograph.
Customers could pay utility bills without a teller.

1967 – First Cash Dispenser installation in a Barclays Bank, Enfield UK.
It was invented by John Shepherd-Barron and called DACS.
Used paper vouchers bought from tellers in advance.

1968 – Card machine.
Single use encoded cash on plastic cards, purchased from a teller.

1969 – ATM magstripe cards.
Docuteller machine at New York’s Chemical Bank.
The first use of magnetically encoded plastic.

1971 – First true bank ATMs
Docutel introduced its Total Teller.
Diebold installed its first TABS machine in the US.
Fujitsu installed its first machine in Japan.

1973 – ATM proliferation
2000 machines operated in the USA.
Production and installation costs dropped dramatically.

1974 – On-line ATMs
Interconnected communication between the machines and the banks.

1990’s – ATM Usage growth
ATM systems reach their highest and its availability is now worldwide.

1995-2000 Internet Business
The Dot com boom creates the start of mass online electronic retail consumer transactions.

2005 Chip and Pin Card System
Introduced to provide better security and integrated payment systems in various locations away from the inconvenient bank only installed locations.

2006 – Alternate Cash Machines
Rise in multiple service cash enabled machines available in retail, entertainment and sports event locations.

2009 – Interactive ATM machines
Wider usage and availability of new multimedia and touchscreen technologies provides new ATM production and delivery in Spain.


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