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12/11/2010 / craigmartinallen

ATM Physical Machines


A great company celebration website that shows a pictorial history of Diebolds attempts to improve ATM machines using technologic advances of their time, that didn’t work. It also shows that nothing has really changed, since they bacame one of the first companies taht where apart of the  ATM’s original inception back in the Seventies.


OKI Cash Recycling ATMs

OKI is the world’s first company to have developed Cash Recycling ATMs in 1982. OKI has 27 years experience and technologies to have developed and manufactured seven generations of Cash Recycling ATMs for financial markets and four models of Cash Recycling ATMs for retail markets.

IMS ATM Machine Comparison

A useful insight into current build standards and service provision of todays machines, and how they still have the same look and feel as models available in the Nineties.


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