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11/11/2010 / craigmartinallen

Wiki Test & Setup

IDMMA Group Wiki Set Up

Set up a new wiki on wikipedia’s new personal wiki space, it has just had a new redesign and launch this week.  My first impression of the opening landing page was a realisation of how far removed it is trying to be from wikipedia. It seems it is trying to set itself apart from the texted heavy big brother and is trying to relate to the younger generation, who are more open to adding personal data on an ever expanding internet that promises better and bigger information architecture in the future, made by us.

On the homepage its marketing association is very media heavy, as Harry Potter and the latest game content whizz past on the carousel. When you dig deeper into the about and what to do, you leave the media heavy content back to an overly saturated, text heavy descriptive content, that sorry I just don’t have time to read. One plus, theirs a video that does all the explaining you need if you need it, but I have a feeling that if you have some experience with making your own twitter, myspace, blog or facebook page you will have no trouble in understanding Wikia.

The sign up process is relatively simple and from the look of the large branded entertainment pages this is going to be the ‘WEB IMAGE BASED’, but once I’d gone through all the setting I was not happy with the depth of theme choice and colour which reminds me of what google pages had to offer, until they added the possibility of user orientated personalization. So I’ve opted for now the classic Wikipedia look, so I feel more apart of the Wikipedia I know and love and its how I understand wiki navigation to be.

One point: ‘I HATE THE AD’s’ you get on your page…..


10 November 2010 By Maggie Shiel sTechnology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley

Wikipedia sister Wikia undergoes major redesign

The for-profit sister site of Wikipedia is undergoing its biggest design overhaul since its 2004 launch.
The new-look Wikia aims to combine the best features of the social web with the collaborative publishing tools used by Wikipedia.
Wikia’s two million registered users have created over 165,000 wikis since the site was launched.
They range from cult TV shows to genealogy and from recipes to vintage patterns.
Founder Jimmy Wales said he wanted to re-invent wikis to be simple and easy for all to use in an effort to encourage more people to contribute articles.
He made the announcement about “Wiki 2.0” as part of his opening keynote at the Digital Hollywood Content Summit in New York.
(read more


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