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11/11/2010 / antonyjwhite

Organisation and Teamwork

Its been just under 4 weeks since starting our first MA project.

It has been an interesting and informative 3 weeks. They whole experience with being at Ravensbourne is new. Meeting new people and working with ‘strangers.’ Obviously now we all pretty much know each other, but its the sense of being thrown together with very different people can be quite daunting.

I feel our first week was quite a lonely one on the lines of doing the work. As we are doing a research project it seemed that working together was not a necessity straight away. We agreed to go in our own separate ways to research things that we were interested in relating to Interactive Digital Media.

After the first week we met up again and discussed what we had come across. At this point it was vital to organise and structure what we needed to do in order to not waste time. Communication was difficult to begin with but I feel now we understand each other better and have become more productive. From this point we narrowed down our research in relation to what we needed to present.

This week, we have a now more comprehensible view of interactive technology through time. I feel that we all felt a lot more comfortable with the work we had down and how it would all link together. Using the shared wordpress site has made it easier to share work and communicate with one another in a non physical world.

Our plan of action this week is to focus on the structure of the presentation and to focus of coming up with a ‘blue sky’ idea each which will be discussed in our next meeting.

We will produce a ‘wiki’ in which our blue sky idea can be communicated and also be open for discussion.

Visually we are looking at creating a timeline to show the overlapping of each of the technologies and also where the technologies rise and fall through time.

I feel now we are a lot more organised and teamwork is showing. As long as we communicate what we are doing with one another clearly then the rest of the project should fall into place.


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