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10/11/2010 / antonyjwhite

Media surfaces

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Media surfaces Mon, 8 Nov 2010 | By Laura Snoad

With the growth of social media our world is changing. Smart brands, and design consultancies, will know that using emerging media and integrating it into campaigns and services is about far more than just having a Facebook page and tweeting about your latest product or launch.

Advertising agency Denstu and design consultancy Berg released two films at the end of last week which addressed how emerging media can be harnessed to communicate meaningfully with audiences.

A still from Media Surface: The Journey, a film by Dentsu and Berg

The collaboration was part of Dentsu’s Making Future Magic project which is all about the creative possibilities that are opening up as the media landscape changes and evolves and traditional advertising develops.

The films look at how services that are starting to look familiar through ‘app culture’ can be integrated into everyday life. Social notifications slot neatly into BBC news and domant screens listen to the radio – in this case Stephen Fry – and illustrate what they hear.

In the film the Guardian’s top headlines from its online site are printed on your receipt when you buy your coffee, brand-coloured characters interact with customers in the window’s of a Uniqlo store and train tickets are printed with information about what you’ll see when during your train journey.

There’s so many interesting and inspiring ideas in the Denstu and Berg films that we couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Visit Dentsu’s blog for more information about the Making Future Magic project.

Media surfaces: Incidental Media from Dentsu London on Vimeo.


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