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09/11/2010 / craigmartinallen


Intuit® GoPayment‬

Accept credit card payment on your mobile phone‬
Get paid on the spot the moment the job is done with Intuit GoPayment. Process credit card transactions on your mobile phone and know that you’ve been paid when you leave a job site. No more processing checks or chasing invoice payment. Get paid. Move on.

Can you use a cell phone as a credit card?

Nov 2006 by Julia Layton
Radio technology will soon do another consolidating act and remove an apparently extraneous “device” from your pocket: Your wallet. Or at least your credit card. If you’re the type who never leaves home without your cell phone, you’ll automatically have a credit card or debit card with you wherever you go thanks to an improvement on standardRFID technology called near-field communication, or NFC.


It’s easy to access details about your MBNA credit card account even if you’re not near your home or PC. MBNA offers a mobile banking text service that gives you information about your credit card account when you’re on the move. Get the latest information on your MBNA credit card account, on demand, by text message.


MobilePOS is a unique credit card transaction processing system, originally designed to allow mobile workers to process credit and debit card payments on mobile phones and PDAs. This functionality has been extended to include Virtual Terminals allowing users to process credit and debit card payments in the office. MobilePOS can also be integrated into third party applications allowing them to process card payments either on the desktop or via a mobile device such as a PDA or mobile phone.

App Turns iPhone into Credit Card Terminal
Susanna Haynie 26 February 2009
As if phones didn’t already do enough, one of the latest mobile apps transforms iPhones and iPod Touches into portable charge card terminals. ProcessAway plugs into’s payment processing platform, allowing entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments anywhere they can access the internet. ProcessAway could be particularly useful for those who need to process and authorise payments on-the-go, like on-site consultants or handymen. It’s also useful at venues that don’t have fixed terminals: antique shows, market stalls and music merchandise stands.



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    By having a card that also offers 0% interest on new purchases, you will experience a greater overall savings during your first year as cardholder. Banking


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