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08/11/2010 / craigmartinallen


As with bill payment services, mobile phone top up and the lottery, an ATM is one of those must have service offerings if you run a convenience store or CTN. Most retailers can tell you about the positive effect having an ATM in store will have on customer spend and basket size.
Like the lottery, an ATM helps to attract customers into your store; once they are there, an ATM gives them access to the cash to spend in store.
For pubs, night clubs and other leisure venues, an ATM gives immediate access to cash for you clientele. There is no need or risk of people leaving the venue to access cash when the facility is so close at hand and easy to use.
Having an ATM on site is all about putting cash into your customers’ hands when and where they need it. Not only is an ATM a key customer service but also a profitable one as well. Depending on the type of ATM you have, you can earn commission from every transaction it does. The more involvement you have, the more you earn. On self fill ATMs you can also benefit from not having to bank cash through the normal routes as you use the cash machine to do it for you by filling it with your own cash.


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