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08/11/2010 / craigmartinallen

Mobile Application Developers Face Security Challenges


By: Brian Prince 2010-11-05
The mobile device itself cannot be considered to be trusted, devices are lost and stolen all the time. Mobile applications don’t have the additional security buffers of firewalls and security software that are available on the fully-fledged computing systems.

Security concerns go for Web apps and mobile apps is that they are connected to the network, and in-turn accessible to hackers. For mobile applications most of the application code and a lot of the data resides on the device, an attacker will install the device on their phone, root or jailbreak the phone and then be able to inspect the application.


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  1. iPad Development / Nov 10 2010 13:28

    I liked it, thanks to the author. Is that all? And where is the continuation?

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