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05/11/2010 / craigmartinallen

Rationalizing The Subject Matter


What is HCI & Why are we interested in it?

Concentrate on these areas of interest, and apply subject matter to each technology;

  • How we interact, human movements and involvement with computers
  • Aesthetics appeal, form and function
  • Look, feel, use of senses
  • Instructional data, content and language bases control
  • Instruction manuels
  • Data analysis
  • Power sources, physical devices and command modules
  • System integration
  • Locations of device
  • Marketing of product
  • Born into which era, history and future
  • Lifestyle usage
  • Restraints in service delivery
  • Information privacy


  1. Introduction of the area of study and examination
  2. Systematic delivery of 6 different technologies
  3. Blue sky sales pitch
  4. Conclusion of findings/learning



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