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03/11/2010 / craigmartinallen

The Scales of Time and Space Within Human Computer Interaction (working title)


This presentation will concentrate on:

  • Defining aspects of the development, current trends and the future of computer based technologies that humans interact and communicate with.
  • Acknowledge what effect trends, marketing forces and changes in political landscape have had on HCI.
  • Outline a brief timeline of each devices development.
  • Show understanding of how it formed and uses communication between the physical and machine (space).
  • Touch on what forms of  language exist and how the UX has developed.
  • Briefly comment on possibilities on the devices future uses and applications.

2 Redundant Technologies:

Traditional ATM (Automated Teller Machine)/Cash Machine

I will be presenting a semi-detailed introduction to the traditional ATM/cash machine, examining its place in human society, learning more about how it processes information and explaining why the traditional ATM has become a redundant technology, due to expansion into cyber-transactions and new more functional service abilities. (craigmartinallen)

2 Established Technologies:

2 Emergent Technologies:


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  1. Jared Taylor / Nov 10 2010 09:55

    Hello all, I’m enjoying the format of your research blog so far. I do have a few suggestions to make. I know that the current infatuation with non linear narratives makes a timeline seem redundant, but I’m an old fashioned sort of a person, and a clearly laid out timeline that shows the scope of your posts and when they were made would be a useful addition… It would also be good to see some contributions from Key, Jerome and Anthony that are flagged on the front page too. I’m sure they are contributing, but it would be good to see proper attribution… A little more analysis of the research that you are doing would also be good, even if it just a personal and subjective analysis of how you feel about the research you are gathering.



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