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30/10/2010 / craigmartinallen

Google Buzz

Google Buzz

Google Buzz is a social networking and messaging tool from Google which is integrated into their web-based email service called Gmail.
Users of Google Buzz can post content that they find interesting, comment/update information about their life, share links, photos, videos, status messages and comments organized in “conversations”.
The posts are shared publicly with the world via search or you can also pinpoint a users location via google maps, users can also post privately to a group of friends/followers. The interface is not uncommon to those who use other social network sites including facebook, twitter etc.. It also allows for various other interaction elements, the ability to like, comment on posts, search for, follow and track.
Goggle Buzz was launched in February 2010 as a social networking platform in the USA, it proved popular to start with as the feature is implicitly tied into Gmail and each post is updated in a followers inbox. Within 56 hours of its release, 9 million posts were made on Google Buzz, that’s approximately 160,000 posts and comments per hour.
External to the site, you can also find buzz icons on many posts within blogs, news websites and interest webzines, by clicking buzz on a post it is re-posted and the number of buzz likes are tallied. Google Buzz is also available on mobile devices, although rather than building separate applications for each smartphone service, google uses an icon that connects through the devices web browser.

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  1. Link Building / Nov 6 2010 19:17

    Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

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