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28/10/2010 / craigmartinallen


ATM (Automated teller machine/cash machine)

The ATM is an Established Technology Using IDM, an everyday object that at one time or another, most people have used as a part of their financial services provided by their bank.
This software based computerised machine works using a telecommunication system that filters the data that is required to complete a customer transaction. This is done via a credit or debit card, which initially talks to the system and creates a link between the machine and the bank account.
Once this connection has been made, the customer inputs data into the system to get past the security processes and make a request to the system based on which service they require.
According to wikipedia, the first device that closley represented an ATM was used in Tokyo, Japan in 1966, but it wasn’t until 1972 that IBM installed the first ATM into a Lloyds of London bank. Nowadays the ATM is providing more that just cash machine services, including;

    Top-Ups for Mobile Phones
    Postage stamps
    Lottery tickets
    Train tickets
    Concert tickets
    Movie tickets
    Shopping mall gift certificates
    Brand Advertising

I believe that these newer functionalities in time will change the cash apparent usage and their connection to bank operators only, into what will become a service system owned by retailers, who will create popular vending styled machines. Availability of these will become more widespread at transportation systems, shopping malls, corporate headquarters and the services will be ones that work in conjunction with the internet, allowing the user to shop for the service they want.



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